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Our HGV repair Service

HGV Mechanics – With our HGV Technicians service, the team here at Bennion Commercial Vehicle Repairs Ltd. can repair large vehicles such as lorries, trucks and agricultural vehicles. All of our technicians are trained in every aspect of heavy vehicle mechanics and electronic such as engine and exhaust systems, air conditioning and security systems.

Bennion Commercial Vehicle Repairs Ltd. offers both collection and delivery of those vehicles and trailers that require servicing, ensuring that the necessary work can be carried out with the minimum of inconvenience. Bennion Commercial Vehicle Repairs Ltd. We offer a high standard of vehicle repairs, including the servicing, maintenance and MOTs of your trucks and trailers.

What is HGV?

HGV is short for Heavy Goods Vehicle. The name HGV originated from back when tax discs were originally brought in to the UK there were two types of tax disks: Light Goods Vehicles (LGV) and Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV). LGV are vehicles with a weight under 3500 kg and HGV are vehicles with a weight over 3500 kg. Vehicles are taxed based on a number of factors engine s, fuel, type, weight, emissions, construction & vehicle purpose.

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HGV mobile technicians fixing a problem roadside